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by Inter Options Business Solutions in Buying an ergonomic chair Posted on 01/09/2020 10:36

Poor ergonomics can lead to negative health effects. The new remote work norm might mean you need a better sitting solution.

The Covid crises has brought many South Africans into a somewhat unfamiliar environment, forcing them into working from home making makeshift offices . And by now some of those working from home may be experiencing discomfort due to the lack of a well-positioned workplace. Also remember that for those in a normal office environment they could expect to walk around the office or head out for lunch. Couches and lounge/dining room chairs are made to lay back, not sit up and work.

Unfortunately our bodies are not designed for sitting and doing so for long periods can have a negative impact on your health and well being.

So what’s the most effective solution? An appropriate and quality desk chair can help better position your body at your desk and make sitting easier on your back.

So how do you make the right decision when selecting an ergonomic chair for yourself?

Your height, weight and build are just a few things that must be considered when buying an ergonomic office chair.

Before deciding on the ergonomic features you want for your chair, be clear about the type of work you will be performing when sitting down. This will have an impact on the ergonomic features you require not only for the chair, but for the workstation as a whole. For example, will the chair be used in an office, laboratory, factory, home office or a 24/7 call centre? Will it be used by a single person or will there be multiple users? What desk or table will be used?

The greater the number of adjustable features a chair has, the greater the number of people that will be able to set it up in an ergonomically correct manner.

So what are the features of a good ergonomic chair?

  • Controls that are easy to adjust from a sitting position. This is especially important if different people use the same chair, for example hot-desking or shift work on an assembly line. The same applies if you use a common chair for different applications, for example, using your computer chair to also operate your sewing machine at home.
  • A seat with a front edge that curves towards the floor.
  • A seat that is height adjustable. (Simple guidelines on how to set up a chair for my height)
  • A seat that does not put pressure on the back of thighs.
  • Breathable, non-slippery fabric on the seat. Leather is a no-no.
  • A backrest that supports the lumbar region of your back. A height adjustable backrest and/or an adjustable lumbar support is ideal.
  • A stable 5-star base.
  • Wheels or castors suitable for the type of flooring. Hard rimmed castors for carpets and soft/rubber rimmed ones for tiles, concrete or wooden floors.
  • A swivel mechanism. Synchro or Free-float mechanisms offer additional features and are the preferred option.
  • Adjustable armrests that do not interfere with free movements within your work area.


How to select the best ergonomic chair for yourself requires a basic understanding of office ergonomics. The chair must have the necessary adjustment features you require for your workspace setup. An ergonomic chair will only be of benefit to you if it has been adjusted correctly for your specific needs.

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