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by Inter Options Business Solutions in office chairs Posted on 10/08/2020 00:00

If you’re used to spending most of your day behind a desk, you want an office chair that you enjoy as much as your desk accessories. And if you’re now suddenly finding yourself working from home and haven’t before, you might not even have proper seating for working at all.

Not to worry! You can find desk chairs out there that offer both form and function and won’t set you back a small fortune. To help you narrow down your search, here are some of our recommended office chairs that are highly rated and actually stylish.


The Mogul Bonded range comes standard upholstered in black bonded leather and has complimenting Visitors Chairs. The Mogul Bonded Executive range will add elegance to your office.

Leila Task

Sleek, modern and incredibly versatile, the LEILA Task chair offers simple sophistication for the way you work with a multitude of features. With 2D height adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support and a mesh backrest, the Leila is built for comfort. By including a synchronous swivel & tilt mechanism with integrated seat depth adjustment as a standard feature, the LEILA Task chair is an all-rounder that offers versatility and superior ergonomic comfort.

Lumber Pro (Endorsed by the SA Society of physiotherapy)

Research confirms that slouching and similar seated postures can cause backache, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration. The key to healthy posture is lumbar and pelvic support. Lumbar support alone is not enough.

Ergonomic principles state that your chair should fit you, Enter the Lumbar Pro, with Lumbar and Pelvic support, your chair can be optimally adjusted to fit you. Not you posturing yourself to fit the chair.


Retro styling has proved the Y-Not chair to be popular. An equal number of options make the Y-Not range even more sought after. The Y not range comes with various synchro mechanisms and arms


Basic features give the chair an emblematic appearance, while the plastic frame and translucent netting bestow a sense of lightness and poise.

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