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by Inter Options Business Solutions in height adjustable desk Posted on 06/11/2020 00:00

Height adjustable (or sit-stand) desks are hugely popular as a direct result of research which has shown that sitting down all day while working is detrimental to health.

Height adjustable desks are designed to offer flexibility and increased movement in employees as they navigate through the working day, offering many benefits when used to their optimal performances.

In addition, sit-stand workstations allow the user to work in a position that feels most comfortable to them, which in turn helps them be more focused and creative. Employees who alternate between sitting and standing have reported having more energy, reduced fatigue and better productivity throughout the day.

Research has also shown that standing more at work can prevent muscle aches and other back problems typically associated with remaining sedentary and hunching over a computer for long periods of time.

Height adjustable desks prompt users to change the way they work and increase mobility in order to improve circulation, wellbeing and productivity.


Proven to lower the risk of weight gain – as mentioned above adjusting your desk to standing allows for movement during your working day and breaks up those periods of prolonged sitting.

Being more active over your day will reduce the amounts of aches and pains you are likely to experience if you just sit at your desk all day without the right posture that could be better achieved with a height adjusting desks.

  • Will make you more alert – increasing your ability to focus and concentrate better.
  • Standing may lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Standing may lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Standing Desks can reduce incidences of back pain.
  • Standing Desks help improve mood and energy levels.
  • Standing Desks can improve productivity.
  • Using a Standing Desk may reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Reduced eye strain when you are sitting correctly at the right height or using the standing option.
  • Increased blood circulation when you combine sitting and standing equally over the day.

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