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Even if you exercise, sitting all day can have a deleterious effect on your health, including an increased likelihood of cardiovascular issues. If you have a job where you find yourself all but chained to a desk for eight hours a day, it may be time to consider a standing desk with ergonomic accessories to reduce your sedentary time.

Of course, standing all day isn’t great, either. It potentially increases lower limb swelling and your ability to focus. But the point is not to stand all day, but to change your position throughout your work shift. Variation and movement is key to working a desk job without hurting your body.

Why Include Ergonomic Accessories for your Workstation?

An ergonomic workplace facilitates the comfort and productivity of the user. By including a few smart accessories you can easily create a workplace that is in accordance with the latest ergonomic guidelines and best practices.

Monitor Arm

An incorrectly placed monitor causes neck and shoulder strain. If you have a screen connected to a fixed stand, you are often unable to adjust the screen to the right viewing height and angle. A good monitor arm can easily be adjusted to the most comfortable working height, distance and angle. Monitor arms provide more space for your workstation and improve your posture.

Micro Desk

Placing documents to the left, right or even in front of the keyboard can cause additional strain on neck muscles and eyes. This can result in pain, headaches and loss of productivity. The Micro Desk document holder helps prevent these issues by maximising the desk space to improve the overall ergonomic setup.


To get the maximum benefit from an ergonomic chair, you need to be seated with your feet flat on the floor. If your feet and legs aren’t properly supported then you could end up harming your circulation and causing long-term health problems. The simple addition of a footrest can reduce strain and promote better posture, while preventing leg discomfort by reducing pressure on the legs.

Sit/Stand Workstation

Allowing sitting and standing while you work energises your body and mind and improves blood and oxygen circulation through the body, especially the brain. This directly translates into an improved level of concentration. Research shows that alternating between a sitting and standing position, the brain is able to generate 2,5 times more new ideas.

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