Enhance Organization and Efficiency with Our Range of Generic Storage Solutions

We offer a range of storage options to help you keep your office organized and efficient. Choose from a variety of office pedestals, offsite storage boxes, credenzas, and cabinets to find the perfect storage solution that meets your needs.

Our sliding door cabinets, hinge door cupboards, and roller door credenzas provide stylish and functional storage options for your workspace. Need a mobile pedestal, deep filer, or open bookshelf unit? We have you covered.

Investing in generic storage solutions ensures that your office maintains a clutter-free environment, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Browse our collection now and discover the perfect storage solutions for your office.

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Sliding door with Planter box

R7 706,00 (Incl. VAT)

Planter With Hinge Door Cabinet

R6 099,00 (Incl. VAT)

Hinge Door Cupboard

R4 960,00R5 659,00 (Incl. VAT)

Roller Door Credenza

Mobile Pedestal 3 Drawer

Mobile Pedestal With Deep Filer

Sliding Door Credenza

Rollerdoor Pedenza

Open Bookshelf Unit

Rollershutter Door Cabinet

4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

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