Creating workplaces that are
happier, healthier, and more productive

Our journey may have begun with a desk, but we are so much more than that now…

As a workspace innovation company, Interopt Business Solutions has been creating unique corporate interiors and truly productive and ergonomic working spaces for the professional and commercial office sectors for nearly three decades. We are a level 4 BEE, which amounts to a 100% BEE Procurement Recognition, and are committed to the South African market.

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Our Origins

Interopt was founded in 1995 with the mission of enhancing workspaces for all South Africans by providing furniture solutions that optimise space, traffic flow, and visual and aural privacy.

Originally known as Inter Options, the company’s primary objective was to supply office furniture to major automobile dealerships, including Nissan, Volvo, BMW, and Ford, as well as large corporations like Iscor Mining (XXaro), Babcock Engineering, Sita, Absa, Office of the Auditor General, Mercedes Benz Finance (Debis), Mecer, Tetrix, and Bosch.

As the company expanded from three partners and sixteen employees to a unique, fully-fledged business and value chain, it adopted the name Interopt in 2021.

Interopt’s success is not the result of a single person’s efforts; rather, it is the result of many minds and many souls collaborating over many years of joy and hard work.

Today, Interopt is a leading office furniture supplier in South Africa, serving clients from all regions and industries who rely on us to solve their most pressing workspace issues and transform their businesses into productive workspaces.



We are here to make it easy for you!

When we go about our work, each and every one of us holds ourselves to the highest moral standards possible, and we never stop looking for the solution that is both the most effective and the most cost-effective.

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Our Focus
On Productivity

Interopt recognises that productivity is the lifeblood of any organisation. If you want your employees to be more productive, office layout and atmosphere play a role. In addition to the location, the arrangement of office furniture and equipment, the flow between employee spaces, and the general atmosphere of your office should be considered.

As such, we strive to meet the workplace industry’s specific and niche needs while balancing the quality level with major domestic and international office trends. Our product catalogue provides a comprehensive solution for all your office furniture needs.

At Our Core

Quality Guaranteed

Our high-quality office furniture is designed to meet the needs and challenges of expanding businesses. Our products have been evaluated to meet the most stringent industry standards. Everything is flexible and easy to reconfigure, allowing you to modify your layout as your needs change, thereby saving time and money.

Simple, Adaptable Solutions

Whether you plan to renovate, furnish, or construct a completely new space, we have simple, adaptable solutions to meet your needs. Interopt’s innovative products are made to last for years. Moreover, our solutions enable individuals to work according to their preferences.

For example, easily stored seating cubes can be used to create a small auditorium-style area that allows offices without required space to accommodate the entire staff. Movable shelves serve as both storage and flexible partitioning for impromptu meeting space.

A tall, draughtsman-style table, for instance, allows for seated or standing work and can be used for group collaboration and team huddles, as well as an individual workstation for focused tasks. Multipurpose furniture is also more likely to adapt to an entirely new space if floorplans are reconfigured or an organisation relocates.

On-Time Delivery

We have eliminated intermediaries, lengthy lead times, and costly surprises, allowing you to complete your project on time and within budget. We believe businesses should be able to acquire the office furniture they desire without hassle or expense.

“From retrofitting workspaces with more active solutions to designing and furnishing corporate headquarters and everything in between, we have collaborated with businesses throughout South Africa to create highly adaptable workspaces for happier, healthier, and more productive work.” – Interopt founder, Lianne Tulloch.

Fostering a Culture Of
Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity

Interopt is committed to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And we believe this culture must be fostered, cultivated, and preserved for it to flourish. Our stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion influences how we hire, compensate, train, develop, and expand our team. It also influences how we choose our suppliers, where we donate, and how we conduct business. We are committed to expanding as a company to live these values more fully daily.

We believe that maintaining a courteous demeanour will invariably lead to increased success. Everyone who does business with us, from customers to suppliers, is made to feel like a member of our extended family. This includes the employees of the companies with which we do business.

Interopt makes use of Proudly South African manufacturers, as we believe in supporting and helping uplift local suppliers. We also boast a lead time of just two to four weeks across all our supply areas.

We want more than customers; we want lifelong fans; therefore we pride ourselves in being ethical and socially responsible, never cutting corners in the name of profit. Our values and beliefs guide everything we do, from how we manufacture products to how we market them and treat customers.

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