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  • African Wenge African Wenge
  • American Walnut American Walnut
  • Balsa Balsa
  • Black Cherry Black Cherry
  • Coimbra Coimbra
  • Esperanza Oak Esperanza Oak
  • Folkstone Grey Folkstone Grey
  • Glacier Glacier
  • Harvard Cherry Harvard Cherry
  • Iceberg White Iceberg White
  • Maple Maple
  • Monument Oak Monument Oak
  • Natural Oak Natural Oak
  • Royal Mahogany Royal Mahogany
  • Storm Grey Storm Grey
  • Summer Oak Summer Oak
  • Versasca Oak Versasca Oak
  • Washed Shale Washed Shale
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Charlotte Cubicle Call Centre

  • Cubicle Single 1200mm x 800mm OR
  • Cubicle Single 1400mm x 800mm OR
  • Cubicle Single 1600mm x 800mm
  • 4 Drawer / 1 Pencil Tray Desk Height Pedestal – Central Lock
  • Attachable pedestals offered.
  • Standard Melamine Finishes / Including Two Tone
    * 32mm Top / 16mm Substructure
    * Roller Doors Available in: Black / White / Silver
    * Side Panel Screen 1250mm High









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