Introducing our 4-Way Cluster – a dynamic workspace solution fostering collaboration and efficiency. Seamlessly integrating four workstations into one unit, this setup optimizes space while promoting teamwork. Designed for versatility and functionality, our 4-Way Cluster offers a modern and sleek design to elevate any office environment. Transform your workspace with the seamless integration and productivity-enhancing features of our 4-Way Cluster.

R24 953,00 (Incl. VAT)

Active 4 Way Cluster

  • An affordable Bench Desking System featuring 38 x 38mm Metal Tubing to create a multitude of Bench workstation solutions
  • Our 4 Way Clusters Consists of:
    • Mobile pedestals
    • Top storage units
    • 4 x 32mm Tops (1350 x 750)




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